We support an ecosystem of diverse community health initiatives on Mfangano Island, Lake Victoria, Kenya.

We’ve enrolled and tested over
EK club members!

Help Us Float Our Boat!

On February 13, over 65 responders from Colorado joined OHR in a valley-to-island effort to secure funds for a new emergency boat for Mfangano Island, Kenya. Thanks to your efforts we raised $8,530!

For the past 5 years OHR has supported the shore communities of Lake Victoria with emergency services, helping transport patients to appropriate medical facilities on the mainland. Without this option, islanders are forced to wait for public boats, their transportation dependent on a twice daily schedule. We have come far but still need your help. 

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Watch “Local Solution to a Local Problem” and see how Mfangano boat builders plan to build the next EK Emergency Boat.

Listen in on Monday’s radio interview on KMTS 99.1FM, Glenwood with Chas Salmen and Nancy Reinsch.

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