Richard Magerenge

Executive Director, Ekialo Kiona Center, OHR Co-Founder

Richard has been the Executive Director of the Ekialo Kiona Center since its inception in 2007. Richard is a trained VCT Counselor and talented organic farmer. He oversees all programs out of the EK, monitors daily activities within the center, directs finance and accounts, and manages the EK staff. Richard also coordinates with the Kenyan… Read more »

Joel “Organic” Oguta

Ekialo Kiona Organic Agriculture Director, OHR Co-Founder

Joel Oguta is a founding member of OHR. Like his father, he broke tradition and donated his piece of land for the construction of the EK Center. Joel operates the EK organic demonstration farm and coordinates visiting WOOFers, hosting visitors from all over the world. He has conducted extensive research on organic farming, including the… Read more »

Robinson Okeyo

Ekialo Kiona Program Coordinator

Robinson has been a dedicated member of EK since its inception, participating in early planning meetings down at the beach, coordinating materials for transport from Kisumu, and hosting numerous volunteers at his home in Kitenyi. Originally EK’s IT Assistant, Robinson is now the EK Program Coordinator, lending support to EK Executive Director Richard Magerenge and overseeing… Read more »

Washington Nyaura Otieno

EK Voluntary Counseling and Testing (VCT) Counselor

Originally from Ugina Village on Mfangano Island, Washington lives in his home village Ugina with his two wives and 5 children. Before becoming a VCT counselor he served as a community mobilize on HIV issues with IMC (international medical corps). Throught his work he became interested in VCT work in order to serve the entire… Read more »

Gor Bernard Ouma

Kanyakla Team Leader

Gor is originally from Ndiwa District on the mainland of Kenya and resides in Mbita with his wife and 3 children. He is a pastor by profession and call and having worked with a community in the Christian aspect, he finds himself “to be a social worker who works to help the community”. He has… Read more »

Brian Mattah

ICT Coordinator; Data Team

Brian started with EK in June 2010 as our first IT Professional for the EK Center. He maintained the computers and equipment as well as taught EK members about computer programs and the internet. Brian remains in charge of membership cards and all organizational data input at the center.   In 2010, Brian joined the… Read more »

Joyce Tom

Kanyakla CHW Coordinator

Joyce originally became involved with Ekialo Kiona as a translator  for the Mfangano Health Baseline Study and liaison for women within EK’s catchment area. As a Community Health Worker herself, she facilitates outreach and and research for the Mfangano Health Net Program and is the CHW Coordinator along with her partner, Pamela Mohamed. Joyce is… Read more »

Peter Otindo

EK Chief Security Officer

Peter works 12 hour shifts as the security guard at the EK Center. He has been keeping the properties secure and safe since October 2009. Prior to EK, Peter worked for the government administrative police force for 3 years and became a security man and security supervisor at the Moroni Sugar Factory, working from 1974 to… Read more »

Oliver Ogutu

EK Groundskeeper

Oliver is originally from and currently living in Wakinga Village on Mfangano, he lives with his wife and 3 children. He is a star defender on the Maji Maji football team and one of the original crew members to help build the EK Center. Oliver is talented carpenter. Today, Oliver works hard to keep the EK property… Read more »

Phylogonah Atieno

EK Bike Manager, Reception

I am Phylgonah Atieno from Rusinga Island. I am a diploma holder in Business Administration and I work in the Ekialo Kiona Center, organizing sales and inventory at the EK bike shop and helping the Radio station with marketing. I also work as the receptionist.

Walter Opiyo

EK Emergency Boat Pilot

Walter has been a member of EK since 2008, and one of the first to join the EK Club during World Cup VCT. He has worked for years as a skilled boat pilot. Walter gained much experience on the lake piloting the 3-hr long daily shuttles to Mbita point, each boat packed with 50-60+ people, lumber,… Read more »

Peres Okinyi

Health Navigator Coordinator

Peres Okinyi has worked with the Ekialo Kiona Centre since its inception in 2007 as an active Kanyakala leader and volunteer. Now she serves as the Health Navigator Coordinator where she manages 10 Health Navigators to respond in the time of medical emergency. She is available day and night to support the health of her… Read more »

Samwel Otieno Karan

EK Radio Coordinator

Samwel was born and raised on Mfangano and has been an active member of EK since the beginning. He has also played a very important role in the conceptualization and implementation of the Radio/Media Program. His role as Radio Coordinator encompasses many responsibilities including, but not limited to, organizing and recruiting new Media staff and… Read more »

Benard Oketch Ongong’a – “Nyakwar Nyombalo”

EK Radio Presenter

A local from Mfangano Island, Benard is known around the Lake for his outstanding MC-ing at community sporting events both on and off the island. When Benard became an active EK Club Member, he became interested in the radio, hoping that someday he could broadcast football matches over the Radio. Using his skills and experience,… Read more »

Suleiman Ogweno Ballack – “Professor Onjikois”

EK Radio Presenter

Originally from Ugina Village in Mfangano Island, Suleiman is known by EK Radio fans as “Professor Onjikois.” His daily shows include the Business and Development Program, Suba Express, and playing Lingala, Reggae and Luo Rhumba music. Suleiman likes comedies, jokes and drama and enjoys making his listeners laugh by his sense of humor when on air…. Read more »

Vkta Anuro

EK Radio Editor, Producer and Co-Presenter

Vkta, also known on radio as “Vik Limpopo Jeep,” just finished high school a couple of years ago. While he waits to join one the Kenya’s leading media college, he currently works with the EK Radio. In high school, Vkta was very pivotal in starting a journalism club where he presented news articles in the… Read more »

Maurine Atieno Ongao


Maureen is originally from Mfangano and currently lives in her late husband’s home in Wakinga Village with her four sons. She has been working in EK Center tirelessly since June 2010 under Hospitality Department assisting with cleaning offices, ensuring that there is enough water in the tanks for drinking and washing hands, collecting waste, and… Read more »