EK Community Council

To help guide the EK Center through the transition of leadership in 2020, the OHR Executive Director and Board of Directors helped establish the EK Community Council. The Council is comprised of six volunteer community leaders, representing the villages of Kitawi, Mala Masa, and Kitenyi, who have demonstrated loyalty and devotion to EK over the past decade.  The Council was formed with a goal of providing input and guidance to ensure that EK moves through this difficult period into a new chapter. In time, OHR hopes to see the Council grow into a larger steering committee that represents all of Mfangano.

The EK Community Council has the following objectives over a 10-month period (March – December 2020):

  1. Provide community oversight, leadership and communication between EK managers and staff, community-at large, and OHR Executive Director and Board of Directors.
  2. Serve as liaisons and representative of the EK community, managers and staff to help identify next best steps for Ekialo Kiona to help resolve past issues and future planning.
  3. Act as EK representatives to discuss future partnership opportunities.
  4. Represent EK as trustworthy, honest and accountable leaders to local and international stakeholders.
  5. Work with the OHR ED and Board of Directors to recruit and establish a Mfangano community governance board to represent all communities supported by EK.
  6. Re-evaluate EK organizational structures and help recruit and hire new leadership.