Organic Health Response (“OHR”) is a community resilience organization working on Mfangano, a remote Kenyan island in Lake Victoria. 

Home to 26,000 indigenous Suba people, the remote communities of Mfangano and the surrounding islands represent one of the most HIV prevalent populations on this planet, with over 30% of the population infected with HIV. 

In 2008, a team of local and international activists came together to understand and address the unique socio-economic, epidemiological, and ecological challenges faced by the remote island communities of Lake Victoria.

Through community meetings and research, a vision of island health and wellbeing was formed, and Organic Health Response (OHR) was born. OHR is a registered 501(c)3 non-profit in the United States and supports a community–based organization (CBO) in Kenya called Ekialo Kiona. In 2010, we opened our doors to the Ekialo Kiona Center, a solar-powered community facility with an organic farm and wind-powered radio studio, which serves as our headquarters to reach community members throughout the island. Over the last ten+ years, we have successfully served residents of Mfangano in close collaboration with community leaders.

Today, OHR delivers a diverse set of integrated programs to strengthen the capability and confidence of the residents to protect the health, culture, and environment of Mfangano. 

The first beach meeting at Kitawi beach to discuss what would become the “Ekialo Kiona” Center, July 2008.