Organic Health Response is honored to have received a Nutrition Embedding Evaluation Program (NEEP) grant from PATH / DFID. The grant allows us to evaluate our pilot kanyakala nutrition programming, which included curriculum sessions and food security planning with the Mfangano East kanyakala groups.

The kanyakla groups participated in 6 bi-weekly curriculum sessions about topics in nutrition and reproductive health. The curriculum was designed to provide knowledge with an emphasis on hands-on activities, including cooking and farm demonstrations, and dramas. The sessions also focused on improving social support by providing opportunities for community members to make plans for how to support each other with future challenges such as grain shortages, support for breastfeeding mothers, or recognition of child malnutrition.
The program is designed to drive sustainable behavior change and allow participants to build relationships with Community Health Worker facilitators for ongoing support. Following the initial training, our team continues to follow-up with groups to maintain group engagement – encouraging groups to continue meeting, providing intermittent follow-up curriculum, and training Community Health Worker – in addition to sharing resources, addressing acute malnutrition referrals, and providing technical support for fishing and agricultural initiatives to improve food access.

Our evaluation will use three approaches to determine the impact of the nutrition programming:

  1. Knowledge surveys will assess whether community members and Community Health Volunteers who participated in and led our nutrition kanyakala curriculum nutrition have more nutrition knowledge than people who did not participate.
  2. A case-control study will use data from the Research on Environmental and Community Health (RECH) research study to examine infant and young child feeding practices, a critical component of preventing malnutrition.
  3. Focus groups will examine the ways our program improved nutrition knowledge, changed behaviors, and fostered social support. In addition, these discussions will identify possible improvements to our nutrition and food security work.


Cooking demonstration at the Ekialo Kiona Center; NEEP

Cooking demonstration at the Ekialo Kiona Center!