Reforestation Program Sprouted & Growing Branches!


To identify and implement policies, establish indigenous tree nursery locations, and initiate community forestry training to protect Mfangano’s forests and demonstrate pragmatic strategies for deforested communities throughout Africa.

EK Farm Team loads 2000+ indigenous tree seedling onto the EK Emergency Boat for transport to Kitawi Beach, 2012
EK Farm Team loads 2000+ indigenous tree seedling onto the EK Emergency Boat for transport to Kitawi Beach, 2012



As governments continue to bypass one of the most important issues facing us today, the people of Mfangano (like many other communities) continue to hold closely the cultural, economic, ecological, and nutritional importance of their unique forests.  Unfortunately, the need for income-generating activities inevitably places great pressure on this foundational natural resource.


The causes of deforestation are extremely complicated, therefore our department aims to implement holistic programs that address the ever shrinking forest cover on this island.   Our reforestation program was created during a season of preparing lands for crops in anticipation of the rains to come.  That season, we witnessed swathes of virgin forests being burned.


  • Gazettement of existing forests
  • Tree nursery establishment and experimental plot implementation
  • Sustainable Nutrition and Forestry Education Program
A view of Mfangano from the lake.
A view of disappearing old growth Mfangano forests from the lake. 


  • Gazettement of slope-proned areas, sacred forests and waterways on Mfangano Island
  • Creation of a Community Forest Association (CFA) to allow for local management of conservation and gazetted areas
  • Community tree planting events


  • Kenya Forest Service
  • Rotary Club of Fort Collins, Colorado


Organic Tree Nursery at EK Demonstration Farm

Indigenous Tree Nursery at EK Demonstration Farm



Robinson Okeyo, EK Program Manager: okeyojnr [at] gmail [dot] com

Richard Magerenge, EK ED: rmagerenge [at] organichealthresponse [dot] com


diagrams of food forests into tree forests

Mfangano Reforestation Vision 0-3 years

Mfangano Reforestation Vision 3-25 years

Mfangano Reforestation Vision 5-25 years