OHR is grateful to our wonderful partners who supported and collaborated with the organization until 2021.

Bicycles for Humanity: Colorado

OHR and B4H have successfully launched Mfangano’s first mountain bike shop in 2012 with 350 mountain bikes generously donated by riders in Boulder, Colorado. In 2013, B4H sent a second shipment of 400 mountain bikes. Again, a third shipment arrived in October of 2014. This shop provides income for a local bike technician and manager and clean, affordable transportation for all EK Club Members.

Craig Newmark, Founder of Craigslist and Craig Newmark Philanthropies

Craig Newmark has generously supported OHR’s efforts to facilitate open community access to high-speed Internet for remote communities on Lake Victoria.

Family AIDS Care and Education Services (FACES)

FACES is a joint collaboration between the Kenyan Medical Research Institute and the University of California in San Francisco (UCSF). OHR is working in partnership with FACES to coordinate streamlined treatment referral from Ekialo Kiona Cyber-VCT Center, space for weekly mobile clinics and ARV provision, web access for FACES health workers, exploration of telemedicine technologies, and the development of individualized and portable pill organizer and medical record system for HIV+ club members. FACES is also working with OHR to conduct comprehensive community health research on Mfangano with UCSF medical, nursing, pharmacology, and dental students.

Google Corporate Giving Council & Google.org

The Google Corporate Giving Council has generously supported OHR with at $100,000 Catalyst Grant to establish the world’s first Microclinic program for HIV/AIDS on Mfangano Island and improve WIFI access for EK Cyber-VCT Club members. Google.org has also donated $11,400 worth of in-kind devices such as smartphones and tablets.


OHR and Inveneo have worked together since 2010 to demonstrate a sustainable and repeatable model for providing broadband access in rural, low resource settings. In this demonstration, partners will deploy appropriate and low-cost ICT and power infrastructure, technical and business capacity building and partnership development to create a sustainable broadband ecosystem.

Kenya Community Media Network (KCOMNET)

Kenya Community Media Network (KCOMNET) works closely with EK Radio, providing training to staff on community radio management, broadcasting specifics and content development, and sustainability.

Kenya Medical Research Institute (KEMRI)

Through the mentorship of Dr. Elizabeth Bukusi, Deputy Director of KEMRI, the EK Research Department is conducting a series of KEMRI IRB approved longitudinal cohort studies to evaluate interventions for HIV/AIDS, safe drinking water, and food insecurity.

MicroClinic International (MCI)

OHR is working in close partnership with MCI  to pilot the world’s firstl micro-clinic program for people living with HIV/AIDS.  MCI and OHR are working together to design, implement and evaluate this social solidarity framework to facilitate psycho-social and nutritional support, improved anti-retroviral treatment adherence, and health education for rural HIV-affected social networks.

Richard and Marianne Reinisch Foundation and the Rae Albert Foundation

Richard and Marianne Reinisch Foundation and the Rae Albert Foundation have generously financed the construction of the Ekialo Kiona Center and continue to support EK Staff salaries and Operations.

Rotary International

OHR works closely with Rotary clubs around the world  (Fort Collins Breakfast Club, Glenwood Sunrise Club, Glenwood Noon Club, San Francisco Club, Denver Tech Club) to finance education, business training, farming, and health activities on Mfangano, and establish the Ekialo Kiona Rotary Club in 2013.

Rhodes Scholar Southern Africa Forum (RSSAF)

RSSAF has generously supported OHR to initiate ferro-cement training for the Ekialo Kiona Sustainable Design Guild.

Segal Family Foundation

Segal Family Foundation has supported our comprehensive health programming since 2014.

Suba (Mbita) District Ministry of Health (MOH)

OHR has been officially endorsed by the Suba District Ministry of Health. OHR will work closely with the Suba District Ministry of Health and Department of STI Services to improve HIV/AIDS service provision on Mfangano, build local provider capacity, and coordinate longitudinal data and record keeping.

University of California, San Francisco (UCSF)

OHR and UCSF collaborate to conduct UCSF IRB approved longitudinal research, and provide unique learning opportunities for US and Kenya medical, nursing, pharmacy, and public health students.

University of Minnesota, Center for Global Health & Social Responsibility

The Mfangano Community Health Field Station is a community-rooted enterprise launched in collaboration between the University of Minnesota, Maseno University, and the Organic Health Response (OHR) of Mfangano Island in Kenya. Together, we seek to advance community-based research, bilateral training opportunities for health practitioners from Kenya and USA, and foster long-term resilience among the communities of Lake Victoria. Through our adaptive “Community Health Ecosystem” model,  we are growing transcultural friendships to better understand deep problems and cultivate creative, enduring solutions.


OHR and Access:Energy are close collaborators in implementing renewable energy solutions for Lake Victoria communities. Successful collaborations to date include a 1300W solar power system for the EK Center, a 1000W hybrid-wind solar system for the EK Communications tower and FM Radio, and  350W solar Aquaponic pump system for the EK Demonstration farm.