Ekialo Kiona Club: “Cyber-VCT”

This program provided Mfangano communities with meaningful incentives and cover from stigma to encourage regular participation in voluntary HIV counseling and testing (VCT).

Kanyakla Program

The Kanyakla Program was the world’s first microclinic program for HIV/AIDS. Our approach was to empower rural HIV-affected social networks with training and resources, while improving linkages to care, facilitating confidential HIV status disclosure, and building an enduring social infrastructure to address the social, economic, and environmental factors driving HIV/AIDS.

Reforestation Program

This program was used to identify and implement policies, establish indigenous tree nursery locations, and initiate community forestry training to protect Mfangano’s forests and demonstrate pragmatic strategies for deforested communities throughout Africa.


The Agriculture program’s organic demo farm was used to encourage farmers to produce food in a way that is nourishing for people, and respectful of land, water, air and wildlife. Through education, demonstration, and communication we promoted a traditional, diversified, and balanced philosophy towards chosen crops and techniques.