Proud To Be Suba!

Nancy Sungu EK Radio Presenter

Recently, EK Radio Presenters have been writing a blog series for This week, EK’s “Naz” writes about her experience as a young Suba woman on Mfangano Island. She reflects back to her first time in the EK computer lab and highlights how such technologies as computers and radio can connect Suba youth to our global world. In her words, “…it gives me more reason to be Suba!

Check out this week’s blog post, “Proud To Be Suba!”

Saving the Suba

Saving the Suba:

East African Magazine Highlights EK Radio’s Come-back for the Olusuba Language

Saving the Suba“All over the world, indigenous communities are being assimilated into more populous neighbours, and oral traditions are fading with the passing of each generation. One of these East African communities is the Suba — a Bantu-speaking community on the Kenyan side of Lake Victoria, which over the years has been heavily influenced by the predominant group in the region — the Luo. So much so that the Suba language, Olusuba, is listed among Africa’s 300 languages consigned to extinction by the Unesco Atlas of the World’s Languages in Danger of Disappearing…” “There are those, however, who are helping to preserve Olusuba — chief among which is a radio station in a small community centre on the island’s southern shore.”

Read the entire article here.

To learn more about the Ekialo Kiona Youth Radio Initiative by visiting our webpage.

Welcome 2014 EK Scholars

Our scholar family is growing! Welcome 2014 EK scholars.

2013 and 2014 EK Scholars

2013 and 2014 EK Scholars

Saturday 4th January was a very big day for Organic Health Response and the Ekialo Kiona Center. Parents and scholars were overjoyed and could not believe that their sons/daughters had qualified to be among the few lucky ones to be supported through the EK Scholarship program.

One student, Calvin, was flanked by his mother and grandfather. The old man could not believe such a noble program existed in Mfangano Island. He declared in the Suba Language,

“It’s my first time to be here at Ekialo Kiona. I have heard so much about this center, but today, I have walked to this place [over 25 kimometres] to witness the wonderful development programs they have brought in this community. I can’t believe it, may God grant you wisdom and long life to continue supporting this community.”
The five newly enrolled scholars got the opportunity to meet the four old students who were enrolled in the program from 2013. Our family of scholars grew from four to nine. We feel that this is a remarkable increase in just two years of this program’s development.

New Vision Learning

Any new student writers out there? New Vision Learning has kicked off their first annual Best College Essay Competition. All proceeds go to the EK Scholarship Fund!! A huge thanks to all who participate!

The mission of Best College Essays is to celebrate and showcase the dreams, lives and stories of students about to embark on one of the most important journeys of their lives.

Click here to learn more!

Nourish UMN and OHR: Reforestation Program 2013

OHR volunteer, Mae Hanzlik, spent the summer on Mfangano as part of the Nourish group at the University of Minnesota. Mae talks about her experience this summer in a recent blog post.


Here’s a tidbit from her post:

“So, how’d you spend your summer?”

Those six words unleash a rush of emotion, passion and nostalgia for me after I spent this past summer on a little island in Kenya. Mfangano is an mountainous island on Lake Victoria. It is an island where there is limited electricity and only one dirt road that connects the small villages. Transportation is by foot, boat, bicycle or motorcycle. The citizens of the island live in basic mud homes with no running water. Additionally, the HIV/AIDS infection rate on the island is estimated to be over 30%, which is due to the culture of poverty where fish is traded for sex.

Read the full post here.

Also take a moment to view a short video explaining the project, here.


Highspeed Internet access is provided freely at the EK Center with the condition that all Internet users must check their HIV status every 6 months. The “Free WIFI for Mfangano” vision has been partly funded by the Craigslist Charitable Fund. Craig Newmark of Craigslist recently posted about the Organic Health Response on the Huffington Post Blog. Craig says, “This is real important stuff, and can help a lot of people out. More to come. I’d like to say that the sun never sets on the Nerdish Empire…” Check out the post here.



OHR’s Sisterhood Exchange Program hosted the 2nd annual Mother’s Day Mile on May 12th, honoring mothers from Mfangano Island to Colorado. Mfangano’s race had over 50 participants, 25 volunteers and hundreds of spectators watching women, men and children run cross the rocky finish line. The fastest woman finished the mile with a time of 6:39 and the fastest man – who was running barefoot on the rain-torn dirt road – sprinted through his mile with a time of 5:04. The community joined the participants at the awards ceremony at the Ekialo Kiona (EK) Center, which was emceed by EK’s youth radio team and accompanied by music, dancing, and chapati, rice and beans for all.

Mother's Day Mile in Colorado!

Mother’s Day Mile in Colorado!

Mother's Day Mile on Mfangano!

Mother’s Day Mile on Mfangano!

The day’s event resulted in 5 new community members becoming EK members, indicating that they now know their HIV status after undergoing a free test through OHR’s Voluntary Counseling and Testing program!

The Mother’s Day Mile was coordinated in conjunction with the Advocate Safehouse Project in Colorado, which hosted over 500 runners and 100 volunteers at their Mother’s Day Mile race on the same day in Glenwood Springs. Awards for both races were handmade by the Sisterhood Exchange Program artisan crafts group and Imani Workshop in Eldoret, serving to promote their talent and unique products. The two events, hosted simultaneously and in solidarity with each other, helped to fulfill the Sisterhood Exchange Program’s mission to connect women on Mfangano with their ‘sisters’ at Imani Workshop and in Western Colorado – creating a strong network of emotional support for women living with HIV.

Finish Line!

Finish Line!

Getting ready!

Getting ready!


Help Us Raise $10,000 to add 1,000W of Sustainable Power!

OHR staff and Access:Energy engineers install Wind/Solar Hybrid System on Soklo Mountain

OHR staff and Access:Energy engineers install Wind/Solar Hybrid System on Soklo Mountain

The Ekialo Kiona Center, OHR’s community-owned resource facility, is buzzing with activity this summer. Since opening in 2010, over 2,300 Mfangano residents have become Ekialo Kiona ‘members’ by undergoing HIV testing through our Cyber Voluntary Counseling and Testing program and new participants learn their HIV status everyday.

As members, the community can enjoy all of the Center’s features at no cost. The 10,000 square foot solar-powered facility features confidential mobile clinic rooms, Mfangano’s only Internet facility and Broadband computer lab with 17 low-watt PC’s and wireless Internet access, a radio studio, multiple workshop and seminar rooms, and a large open-air amphitheater

The impact of the Ekialo Kiona Center reaches beyond our membership base: many people visit the Center seeking connection to community resources and last month alone, our popular youth-run radio station received over 2,000 calls.

To ensure the Center is ‘powered up’ to support hundreds of new members, we need your help to raise $10,000 to add 1,000 Watts of sustainable power. Help the Ekialo Kiona Center offer free access to health information, support and technology by increasing our solar power capacity in partnership with Access:Energy and provide a voice for the people of Lake Victoria.

  • $50: 1MBS Highspeed Broadband fees for 1week, providing unlimited web access for all members
  • $150: 105Ah 12V Deep Cycle Solar Battery
  • $350: 240W Access:Energy Solar Panel
  • $1,000: 1200W Victron Pure Sine Wave AC Inverter.

With your contribution, OHR will expand our pioneering approach to HIV prevention, education and support for the people of Mfangano Island.



Each year, December 1st is celebrated throughout this planet as World AIDS Day. Last week was EK’s first annual World AIDS Day event at Kitawi Beach on Mfangano Island that was broadcast LIVE by our very own community radio station, EK FM. With a crowd of over 700 people, we gathered together to raise awareness, commemorate our friends who have passed on, celebrate the many victories in the fight to turn the tide against HIV/AIDS and look forward to the many challenges that lay ahead.

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