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Research Article: “Transactional fish-for-sex relationships amid declining fish access in Kenya”

Last week our work on fish-for-sex relationships and fish decline in Lake Victoria was published in the journal of World Development. A big thank you to Katie Fiorella, Dan Omollo and our entire community health research team for their hard work! “Transactional Fish-for-Sex Relationships Amid Declining Fish Access in Kenya.” Below is the citation: Fiorella,… Read more »


Led by OHR’s Sustainable Design and Technology Coordinator Matthew Tierney, Aquaponics is swiming forward. OHR received UC-Berkeley’s Big Ideas Award in 2011 for the OHR Aquaponics pilot. Jonathan Dessi-Olive of Penn State and Amanda Bednarz of the University of Oregon join Matthew and the EK Sustainable Design Guild to construct the Aqauponics system and conduct… Read more »


Selected from over 200 entries, OHR has won 1st place in UC Berkeley’s “Big Ideas” Competition. The annual competition inspires innovative and high-impact student projects aimed at solving the world’s most pressing problems. The aquaponics project aims to address “Big Ideas” category Global Poverty Alleviation by increasing food security in the Lake Victoria basin. Headed… Read more »