Washington Nyaura Otieno

EK HIV Testing and Services (HTS) Counselor

Originally from Ugina Village on Mfangano Island, Washington lives in his home village Ugina with his two wives and 5 children. Before becoming a VCT counselor he served as a community mobilizer on HIV issues with IMC (international medical corps). Throughout his work he became interested in VCT work in order to serve the entire community. He was trained on HTC (HIV counseling and testing) and worked with the Ministry of Health (MOH) at the Suba District Hospital and later at the Mbita District Hospital as a VCT counselor. Mr. Nyaura is as well trained on community health development which makes him the best fit for Ekialo Kiona’s HTS and Research & Community Health Departments. He continued to expand his experience as a VCT counselor with Devlink Africa and gained Supervisory and Management experience by supervising other VCT counselors with Devlink. Washington enjoys being a VCT counselor because of the meaningful conversations he is able to have with community members about the challenges of being HIV positive. He also finds value in problem-solving with families and individuals on ways to manage their HIV status and treatment.