Vkta Anuro

EK Radio Editor, Producer and Co-Presenter

Vkta, also known on radio as “Vik Limpopo Jeep,” just finished high school a couple of years ago. While he waits to join one the Kenya’s leading media college, he currently works with the EK Radio. In high school, Vkta was very pivotal in starting a journalism club where he presented news articles in the assembly.

After high school Vkta carried his passion for media to EK-FM, where he currently works as a radio editor in audio, script & videos. He produces radio programs and takes most of the Center’s pictures and videos. Vkta enjoys traveling around the island to record programs, which are aired weekly.
At times, he also assists in presentation in most programs.

Although he is the youngest among the radio team, as well as the entire EK Center staff, he works hard and is dedicated to his work. Mostly he enjoys reading & writing.