Tillien Masanga

EK Bicycles and Electrical Technician

Tillien started at EK as the Groundskeeper in the Fall of 2009. He helped plant our trees, fixed doors, maintained our solar power system, and built most of the EK furniture.  In 2012 , Tillien was promoted to serve as the technician of the new Ekialo Kiona Mountain Bike Shop. Today you can find Tillien training fellow bike mechanics, selling refurbished mountain bikes to EK Club members, and cruising around the community to promote our services. In addition, Tillen serves as the EK electrical technician.

How did you learn about EK?

I was friends with Adam Sewall and Lauren Friedman first… I also helped Chas, Marco and Mookie build a house. When the position for groundskeeper opened up I interviewed and got the job!

What is your background before you joined EK?

I graduated from Lambwe Secondary in 2001. I was sponsored to join Ramba St. Martin Training Centre for carpentry. After staying home for 2 years I joined the Kenya Power constructors. Before the EK vacancy was announced, there was a stop in Kenya power and I joined fishing.

Do you enjoy your job?

Very much! It’s a great opportunity to meet friends and lots of program opportunities. I am learning from being here.

What is the one thing people should know about EK?

Through EK, OHR is providing the community knowledge about organic farming. It is very special, but not so unique that people don’t feel comfortable and come here to learn their status.

Life motto?

“Hard work pays.