Pamela Mohamed

Kanyakla CHW Coordinator

Pamela has been with EK since the very first beach meeting at Kitawi Beach in 2007 and is a member of the Ekialo Kiona Steering Committee. She helped to establish and coordinate the Sisterhood Exchange Program. In 2012, Pam was hired to serve as a Community Health Worker Coordinator for the Kanyakla Program. Today, she coordinates 30 CHW’s who facilitate ongoing trainings for our network of microclinics. She also helps our research team follow-up with participants and schedule interviews. Pam has completed advanced trainings as an SEP seamstress, Ministry of Health Community Health Worker, and EK Community Based Research Staff . Pam is a caring mother of a growing family, and friend of many people in need in her community of Mala Masa and Mfanano at-large.

How did you learn about EK?

I met Chas Salmen through Lauren Friedman who had become friends with my mother-in-law at Mala Masa. I was also one of the first members of the EK Steering Committee. After Chas spent time in Eldoret at Imani Workshops we began developing the exchange program for HIV+ women.

Do you enjoy your job?

Yes, and as a CHW the EK Center is helping me learn more about my work. It also allows me to do more as a volunteer.

What is one thing people should know about EK?

People should know about the benefits EK is going to bring to the community, primarily helping people with HIV/AIDS and helping to reduce stigma!