Pamela Mohamed

MHN CHW Coordinator

Pamela has been with EK since the very first beach meeting at Kitawi Beach in 2007 and is a member of the Ekialo Kiona Steering Committee. She helped to establish and coordinate the Sisterhood Exchange Program. In 2012, Pam was hired to serve as a Community Health Worker Coordinator for the Mfangano Health Net Microclinic Program. Today, she coordinates 30 CHW’s who facilitate ongoing trainings for our network of microclinics. She also helps our research team follow-up with participants and schedule interviews. Pam has completed advanced trainings as an SEP seamstress, Ministry of Health Community Health Worker, and EK Community Based Research Staff . Pam is a caring mother of a growing family, and friend of many people in need in her community of Mala Masa and Mfanano at-large.

How did you learn about EK?

I met Chas Salmen through Lauren Friedman who had become friends with my mother-in-law at Mala Masa. I was also one of the first members of the EK Steering Committee. After Chas spent time in Eldoret at Imani Workshops we began developing the exchange program for HIV+ women.

Do you enjoy your job?

Yes, and as a CHW the EK Center is helping me learn more about my work. It also allows me to do more as a volunteer.

What is one thing people should know about EK?

People should know about the benefits EK is going to bring to the community, primarily helping people with HIV/AIDS and helping to reduce stigma!