Okumu Kevin Omira


Okumu Kevin Ouma works as an enumerator for the Research on Environmental and Community Health (RECH) Study, conducted here on Mfangano Island. Kevin is from Homa Bay County, Mbita District, Mfangano Division in a village called Masisi. From experience with RECH Kevin is now able and fit to conduct other studies in the area. He has come to know and understand enormous amounts of information about the community. For example, the community is the basic unit one needs to understand most, before one devices that he/she is fit to occupy any profession involving the community. This knowledge has greatly motivated Kevin. He is now eager to learn more.

“One thing that makes me happy with this project is that its operation is as low as to the community level. Several programs have been set forth to look at the well-being of community members and this has made the community own most programs. This is good for life and it’s encouraging!!”