Matt Hickey

Board of Directors

Matt Hickey has been working with OHR since 2010 to design and implement research studies aimed at directly translating findings to improved community-based health and livelihood programs. He is also in his first year as a medical resident at the University of California, San Francisco and has been living and working on Mfangano since July 2012 as a Doris Duke International Clinical Research Fellow. During this time, he has been helping carry out the Mfangano Island Healthy Networks Impact Study and the Healthy Networks Water Treatment Study, evaluating the impact of a novel social network empowerment strategy on both HIV and safe drinking water outcomes. Matt’s professional goals are to pursue further clinical and research training in the field of infectious disease and continue conducting community-based HIV implementation science research aimed at improving uptake and maintenance of HIV care in vulnerable communities. When not working, Matt enjoys running, cycling, travelling and camping in the backcountry.