Lavinah Vugudza Chikamai, BComm (JKUAT), MBA

Chief Operations Officer

Lavinah joined the Ekialo Kiona Center in December 2019. She has a vast knowledge in Financial Management, with five years of experience. She is familiar with Accounting procedures and software programs and adapts seamlessly to constantly evolving Accounting Processes and Technology. She is equipped with broad knowledge of concepts and strategies to yield the best possible financial outcomes in all areas and has excellent financial reporting, budget forecasting, management and team-building skills.

Lavinah has a high level of personal and professional integrity and commitment to continuous learning and self-improvement. A good team player, able to fit in a multicultural environment.

Her Roles Include:

  • Oversee general operations at EK Center.
  • Conduct Annual review of EK Systems and Budget Development.
  • Oversee Program Plan implementation and reporting.
  • Ensure all Donor funding requirements and reporting deadlines are being met.
  • Report directly to EK Executive Director on work plans, budgets, and staff concerns.
  • Create and manage EK Annual Plan Development Fund and associated quarterly targets.
  • Responsible for researching, writing and/or delegating grant opportunities to respective staff volunteers or partners.
  • Assist with Donor communication.
  • Coordinate International Volunteers prior, during and after their stay on Mfangano Island.
  • Serve as OHR, EK and/or University’s representative at communities’, Stakeholders and research meetings.