Francis Wambo

EK Security Officer

Francis has been with OHR from its beginning. He helped clear land for the center, build our fence, and worked for months with our crew building the foundation of the building. In September 2009 he became an official EK Security Guard. Francis watches for anything that could happen to the center, keeping everything safe during the day or night.

How did you learn about EK?

I first worked as a volunteer to help clear the land for the center and helped build the foundation of the building. After this, there was an interview for security. We were so many people who applied and through good luck I was among those employed.

Do you enjoy your job?

Very, very much! When I’m at EK, I’m feeling happy. The EK Center provides so many things to the area to help it “grow up.”

What is one thing people should know about EK?

EK is different from other projects because EK is doing so many good things for the community, to learn from it. HIV is spreading here because of poverty and EK has so many programs that can help with this