dan omollo

Dan Omollo

Research Manager

Dan was born in Migori County, Nyanza Province, Kenya. He received his Bachelor’s Degree in Biomedical Science and Technology from Egerton University and a PHd in Community Health and Development from the International School of Medicine and Applied Technology. He is currently an MPH Candidate. His interest in research began during his fourth year of college during a research project. He found that “there is no science without humanity and that the most important aspect of medical service provision, including conducting research, is the understanding of how the community in question thinks (their values, norms, ethics, dislikes, etc). This actually provides a good formula for strategizing so as to attract and achieve the acceptance and ownership of such a project by the community”. After receiving his bachelors’ degree, he served in the HIV Incidence study by International Partnership for Microbicides in Suba District, Kenya as the Laboratory Officer and as the Community Engagement Officer. The interest to join OHR-Ekialo Kiona stemmed from his exclusive passion for PLWHAs and was attracted to the Social Network Model approach. His career goals include becoming a public health consultant as well as medical research consultant internationally and using new bodies of knowledge to solve the health impediments among rural communities in all parts of the world. He looks forward to promoting transformation of health knowledge among rural communities in many parts of the world and believes that “if disease is contagious then even health is contagious”.