Thank you for considering becoming a new, recurring or major gift donor to Organic Health Response! It is through the generous support of people like you that we are able to offer programs that protect the health of Mfangano’s people, ecosystem, culture and community. In recognition of the profound impact made by donors, OHR has two special donor giving programs.

OHR Sustainers’ Circle

Regular, recurring donations provide reliable funding sources for programming on Mfangano. Knowing that a certain amount of recurring annual and monthly donations will be available, the Board of Directors is more accurately able to budget and plan for the months and years ahead. Recurring donations allow the staff, volunteers and Board of Directors to dedicate more of their time and energy to operations and programming. Any donor who gives annually for at least two consecutive years or monthly for at least six consecutive months are enrolled in the OHR Sustainers’ Circle. In order to maintain one’s status in the Sustainers’ Circle, one must continue to give in every consecutive year (for annual donors) or in every consecutive month (for monthly donors).

There are currently 6 members in the Sustainers’ Circle! Help us build our circle to 25!

OHR Major Donors League

Major gifts play an important role in the funding of OHR by helping OHR quickly meet its funding goals, allowing OHR to carry out its important work of helping the residents of Mfangano move toward a sustainable, healthy and self directed future. Any donor who gives a cash or in-kind gift of over $300 will be enrolled in the OHR Major Donors League.

There are currently 23 members in the Major Donors League. Become a member and help us reach 50 members!

I support OHR because I believe in their work bridging the digital divide with their innovative Cyber-VCT center. What they’re doing is bringing the internet to a remote region in Kenya, and the community has benefited greatly from access to this technology. Mfangano residents have used the Cyber-VCT center to launch businesses, start a radio station, and get an education. I cannot overstate the positive impact that the Organic Health Response has had in the Lake Victoria region.” – Matt Werner, Google, New York City

We would be honored to have you part of the OHR Family!

For membership info or how to join, please contact Kelsi Hines at khines [at] organichealthresponse [dot] org.