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Suba Build New EK Emergency Boat

This week, Organic Health Response started the construction of the new Ekialo Kiona Emergency Boat! Local Abasuba boat builders will carefully construct this custom design boat using generations worth of local expertise. This process will be broken into three phases: Fundi Phase (local builders): Build boat hull and cross beams Carpenter Phase: Install custom boat… Read more »

New MHN Video Launched!

Watch our new video highlighting OHR and Microclinic International (MCI)’s microclinic program, the Mfangano Health Net (MHN)- Microclinic Program. This is the world’s first microclinic program for people living with HIV/AIDS. A big thanks to Cailley Frank-Lehrer for creating this video!

Proud To Be Suba!

Recently, EK Radio Presenters have been writing a blog series for This week, EK’s “Naz” writes about her experience as a young Suba woman on Mfangano Island. She reflects back to her first time in the EK computer lab and highlights how such technologies as computers and radio can connect Suba youth to our… Read more »

Saving the Suba

Saving the Suba: East African Magazine Highlights EK Radio’s Come-back for the Olusuba Language “All over the world, indigenous communities are being assimilated into more populous neighbours, and oral traditions are fading with the passing of each generation. One of these East African communities is the Suba — a Bantu-speaking community on the Kenyan side… Read more »

Welcome 2014 EK Scholars

Our scholar family is growing! Welcome 2014 EK scholars. Saturday 4th January was a very big day for Organic Health Response and the Ekialo Kiona Center. Parents and scholars were overjoyed and could not believe that their sons/daughters had qualified to be among the few lucky ones to be supported through the EK Scholarship program…. Read more »

New Vision Learning

Any new student writers out there? New Vision Learning has kicked off their first annual Best College Essay Competition. All proceeds go to the EK Scholarship Fund!! A huge thanks to all who participate! The mission of Best College Essays is to celebrate and showcase the dreams, lives and stories of students about to embark… Read more »

Nourish UMN and OHR: Reforestation Program 2013

OHR volunteer, Mae Hanzlik, spent the summer on Mfangano as part of the Nourish group at the University of Minnesota. Mae talks about her experience this summer in a recent blog post. Here’s a tidbit from her post: “So, how’d you spend your summer?” Those six words unleash a rush of emotion, passion and nostalgia for… Read more »


Highspeed Internet access is provided freely at the EK Center with the condition that all Internet users must check their HIV status every 6 months. The “Free WIFI for Mfangano” vision has been partly funded by the Craigslist Charitable Fund. Craig Newmark of Craigslist recently posted about the Organic Health Response on the Huffington Post… Read more »


OHR’s Sisterhood Exchange Program hosted the 2nd annual Mother’s Day Mile on May 12th, honoring mothers from Mfangano Island to Colorado. Mfangano’s race had over 50 participants, 25 volunteers and hundreds of spectators watching women, men and children run cross the rocky finish line. The fastest woman finished the mile with a time of 6:39… Read more »


Help Us Raise $10,000 to add 1,000W of Sustainable Power! The Ekialo Kiona Center, OHR’s community-owned resource facility, is buzzing with activity this summer. Since opening in 2010, over 2,300 Mfangano residents have become Ekialo Kiona ‘members’ by undergoing HIV testing through our Cyber Voluntary Counseling and Testing program and new participants learn their HIV… Read more »