OHR Takes Action Against COVID

Even the most remote regions of the world are not immune to the spread of COVID-19 and our team on Mfangano Island is responding to the threat.

Student interns with Organic Health Response, listed below, are helping with the  COVID-19 response on Mfangano Island.

  • Elias Owuor, Master of Public Health (MPH) student at Maseno University
  • Ananda Vigneswari Anebarassou and David Marshall, MPH students at the University of Minnesota
  • Naema Elsayed and Aimee Carlson, Master of Development Practice (MDP) students at the University of Minnesota. 


These students are collaborating with the OHR executive board (e.g. Dr. Lily Muldoon, Dr. Chas Salmen, Dr. Nick DesLauriers and Kelsi Hines) as well as Ekialo Kiona Center managers, Robinson Okeyo and Samwel Karan, to provide educational materials about COVID-19.

Our team provides weekly updates to the Mfangano community to increase awareness about changing risks and the response to COVID-19. The efforts include:

  • Dissemination of critical updates on self-protection and local regulations in the form of SMS text messages sent out to Health Navigators.
  • Circulation of visually attractive pamphlets to emphasize the importance of hand-washing, wearing a face mask, proper social distancing and more.
  • Up-to-date radio briefs aired daily on EK-FM 88.3 from the Ekialo Kiona Center.

More to come in the future…stay tuned!

Wan Kanyakla