Two Mfangano Students Awarded Scholarships by Kenya Education Fund

This year 2 students from the Mfangano community have been chosen among an enormous applicant pool of 3,700 students to receive a full-tuition scholarship by the Kenya Education Fund (KEF). At the beginning of February these students had the chance to travel to Nairobi, to attend the awards ceremony. Such a trip, so far away, is life changing for many students coming from the island.

2016 KEF scholar awards

A big thanks to KEF for their support, as well as the entire OHR-EK team who made this application process accessible and possible. Each year OHR-EK partners distributes applications to the entire community, walks candidates through the requirements and application process, ensures each application is complete, and transports the applications back to Nairobi. It’s a lot of work, and completely worth it! For the remaining part of the year, our staff will check-in with students to make sure they are maintaining their grades and helps them to trouble shoot any areas that may be a struggle.

We are excited to support the next generation on Mfangano!