Update from the field: health navigation in action

After tallying up our emergency transport logs and health coordination plans, it looks like we made some progress over the last year!

Since July 2014, our Health Navigation (HN) team has coordinated:

*176 Emergency Transfers
*107 Birth Plans

The Ekialo Kiona Emergency Boat gets a new shade to protect patients from the intense sun and dangerous waves.

From the island itself, here is an update – written by Health Navigation Coordinator, Peres Okinyi, and EK Boat Captain, Walter Opiyo:

The HN program has greatly changed and improved the health logistics and coordination of good care to community members of Mfangano Island. All is well with our team, and with the Health Navigators (HNs) that represent the various villages around the island. Though we have been faced with challenges due to weather changes, with big waves, rains and strong winds, the E-boat transfers to mainland facilities have been successful with safe driving.

The communities and villages are very happy with the program and ready to support it fully. Many of our pregnant mothers are now well coordinated with facilities on Antenatal Care, and Birth plans are coordinated up to the day of delivery with facilities. Most of the birth complications within our mothers are now low, since our team of HNs are trained to identify such cases and call for help to hospital. A large majority of pregnant mothers in Mfangano East are planning for there birth, both financially and where to give birth.

Through our marketing efforts, visits to the facilities both in mainland and island, relationship building with facility staff and management, our work as Health Navigators comes easy during emergencies both day and night. There has been good coordination on care with our teams, both from USA and Kenya, and in future we hope that under good leadership and management things will continue to improve.

We really appreciate the team for the good work through supply donations, funds, health talks, and training. The whole Mfangano Island communities and facilities are so happy with the E – Boat transfers and the idea of constructing it to help people during day or night emergency transportation to mainland hospitals. Ero Kamano (thank you)!!