Nourish UMN and OHR: Reforestation Program 2013

OHR volunteer, Mae Hanzlik, spent the summer on Mfangano as part of the Nourish group at the University of Minnesota. Mae talks about her experience this summer in a recent blog post.


Here’s a tidbit from her post:

“So, how’d you spend your summer?”

Those six words unleash a rush of emotion, passion and nostalgia for me after I spent this past summer on a little island in Kenya. Mfangano is an mountainous island on Lake Victoria. It is an island where there is limited electricity and only one dirt road that connects the small villages. Transportation is by foot, boat, bicycle or motorcycle. The citizens of the island live in basic mud homes with no running water. Additionally, the HIV/AIDS infection rate on the island is estimated to be over 30%, which is due to the culture of poverty where fish is traded for sex.

Read the full post here.

Also take a moment to view a short video explaining the project, here.