Update 42If high-speed Internet was something, Mfangano can now boast of Africa’s first Wind-powered Suba Youth Radio Station, EK FM – “Turi alala,” we are together!

Mfangano residents have waited for over 4 years to hear their own voice over the radio. Completed last month, OHR teamed up with Nepalese Engineer, Pawan Prakash to install a 500 watt FM transmitter and basic studio, powered completely by wind-power (thanks to all those at Access:Energy who made that possible!).

This is Lake Victoria’s first Suba community radio. With only 112,000 Suba speakers remaining, this radio broadcasts to over 80-km away, covering not only Mfangano Island but neighboring Suba-speaking communities in Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania. This is also a for youth, by youth radio, giving Suba youth a platform to share their voice across the lake. With little access to local and relevant news and information, EK’s Suba Youth Radio will disseminate community-driven programs centered around health, sustainable agriculture & fishing practices, Suba language & culture, and youth empowerment.