Update 29Home to high risk home deliveries, active children around open fires, deadly snakes and endemic infectious tropical disease, emergency health services are virtually non-existent on Mfangano Island. This Spring, the Organic Health Response is seeding an Emergency Health solution!

A local Mfangano Island boat owner jumpstarted our efforts through a generous donation of a 30ft wooden boat and 40mp outboard motor. The Ekialo Kiona team sprung into action, giving the craft a fresh coat of paint, making a few repairs, and outfitting it for patient transport. With help from a key donation from the Durrett family of Glenwood Springs, CO, we’re up and running with the region’s first ambulance boat!

The Ekialo Kiona Center is now ready to begin coordinating urgent care for the remote island communities we serve. Six Mfangano residents have been recruited to form the EK Emergency Team and are getting pumped for a weeklong Wilderness Medicine training near Mt. Kenya in mid-May, thanks to donations and coordination from Katie Fiorella and Wild Med.

Big things on the horizon for the EK Emergency Project this summer … we’ll be training 400+ Mfangano residents in basic first aid & emergency assessment, sending our team for additional EMS training, and researching regional health resources. Special thanks to the inspiring students at Glenwood Springs High School, who are using their creativity and energy to help us raise critical funds to keep the emergency boat running and to allow Kenyans to get the care they need, when they need. Through your ideas and donations, we hope you’ll join us in this innovative life-saving effort!