Following a special EK Couples Seminar, led by volunteer Jim Russell and EK’s VCT counselors Jane Odindo and Theresa Alingo, EK hosted its first couple’s raffle! All couples voluntarily tested and counseled for HIV together were entered into a raffle – with an overnight excursion on the mainland as the grand prize. Over 76 couples entered, winning dish sets, water drums, farming tools, and tree seedlings in one of EK’s best attended events. While EK membership is rising, couples are rarely tested together and discordant couples are a common local reality. The seminar and raffle successfully promoted the benefits to joint VCT sessions, as well as communication and healthy habits in relationships.
Update 34: Ekialo Kiona hosts first annual staff retreat!

In the last year, Ekialo Kiona has nearly doubled its staff. These invaluable players continue to work everyday to keep the center open and improve community health on Mfangano. To celebrate, EK staff and volunteers enjoyed the first annual Staff Retreat on neighboring Takawiri Island!

After a morning of wiffle ball, netball, soccer, frisbee, swimming, and dancing, staff led and participated in communication, teamwork, and visioning exercises. EK Executive Director Richard Magerenge and OHR Director Chas Salmen inspired with speeches as we revisited the last five years and looked to the future.

Thank you to our ever-growing and ever-committed Ekialo Kiona Center team. With 1,918 members, three current research studies, high-speed internet, over 400 micro-clinic participants, and much more, EK is poised to build with its success and home-grow a brighter, health future for the shores of Lake Victoria. And we couldn’t do it without such dedicated staff.