In June, Organic Health Response officially opened the Ekialo Kiona Center for membership! Since opening, Ekialo Kiona has enrolled over 400 members, all of whom have gone for Voluntary Testing and Counseling.
Voluntary Counseling and Testing – World Cup Program:
The World Cup Program was a sounding success. In just a few months after opening our VCT program, OHR has tested over 400 individuals, more than any other Suba Disctrict VCT Clinic in this time period.  Ekialo Kiona Club members also enjoyed the opportunity to watch the World Cup with our new projector and satellite tv!

Research Project:
OHR is hosting a team of UCSF/UCB Global Health students and supporting a research project in Mfangano East. The student group has supported nine newly hired research staff members and OHR staff in learning research methods and how to carry out the upcoming household survey. The survey will assess community health and demographics, including income, food, and water security, HIV/AIDS knowledge, and social support. Both staff and community members look forward to getting started with the project and using the information to shape OHR’s programming.

With the help of a grant from the Rotary Foundation, our farmers are planning farm improvements and new programs! The increased support is allowing OHR’s organic farmers to prepare the farm for demonstration and to support broader community programs.
Grant Writing:
With the help of OHR Grant’s Coordinator, Hannah Graft, OHR hosted a grant-writing workshop in mid-July. Over 20 community members were trained on how to formulate a proposal, research grant opportunities online, and write a grant.

HIV+ Women’s Craft Group:
The craft group’s sewing, paper, and beadwork departments are going strong. The group is looking forward to additional training in sewing and will soon add a suite of apron designs to their repertoire!

Ekialo Kiona Radio:
The Ekialo Kiona Community Radio Committee is currently working to develop strong programming for EK’s radio station, to air sometime next year, focusing on positive health, environmental issues, and social solidarity, amoung other relevant topics. The committee has hosted several community events, including a hugely successful Earth Day, and several HIV awareness forums, and continues to meet regularly for journalism skill development workshops.

Sustainable Design Guild:
In addition to constructing the Ekialo Kiona sustainable building, the Sustainable Design Guild has led several ferro-cement training workships with local masons and a neighboring technical school.