Update 37The Ekialo Kiona Bike Shop has opened with over 126 bicycles already tunes and distributed! Community members have eyed the hundreds of bikes transported in four separate boats to Mfangano this past April and May, stopping by the EK Center to study the different models and pick favorites. From road to mountain bikes, from Mondales to Treks, from red to black, silver, green, or pink and tasseled, the bikes have inspired new waves of first-time bicyclists and eased Mfangano transport, especially important for those in need of healthcare or for community health workers checking in on neighbors unable to make it the clinic.

World Bicycle Relief, based in Kisumu, visited Ekialo Kiona to train eight individuals across Mfangano East in bicycle repair. Three of those newly trained individuals now operate the EK Bike Shop, repair donated bikes, and teach others how to ride in what is fast becoming a steady income-generating operation.

A big thank you to Bicycles for Humanity for generously donating these bikes. The wheel are rolling!