Academic Collaborations

Michele, Teja, Chas, Dr. Adero, Richard, Marco, Nancy, Nadine, and 1/2 of Jenna

A group of students at the University of California San Francisco have proposed a research project to measure the potential impact of the Organic Health Response on the overall health of HIV-affected communities on Mfangano Island. Their scientific evaluation will evaluate program effectiveness and determine potential scalability of OHR pilot programs for similarly affected communities across Lake Victoria, sub-Saharan Africa, and beyond.

The overall objective of this study is to gather comprehensive qualitative and quantitative data in four general Domains to establish a community-wide health baseline for the long-term evaluation of OHR’s indigenous HIV/AIDS initiatives on Mfangano Island, Suba District, Kenya. Broadly, the four Domains of this baseline investigation include: Health Literacy, Attitudes and Support; Utilization of Biomedical and Traditional Health Resources; and Nutrition and Water Security; HIV/AIDS Disease Status.

This baseline study aims to:
Establish systematic health baseline within Mfangano East sub-Location, Mfangano Island, Kenya.
Inform the development of systematic program evaluation and monitoring strategy for OHR pilots.
Generate hypotheses for subsequent collaborative research projects for Kenyan an US graduate student teams.
Inform the ongoing design and implementation of OHR and FACES health interventions on Mfangano Island.